Morten Jensen Vågen
Selected works / CV

Flat Stealth Stack (2021)

Step aside (2020), ("So it Goes" video in the background)
from the exhibition "Fra Balkongen" at Stavanger Kunstmuseum 2020. Photo by Oddbjørn Erland Aarstad

Stealth Stack (2020) Wood, peephole. Part of group exhibition at Hulias in Oslo.
Photos by Jørn Aagaard

Private Space (2020)

ALIEN8 (2019) - Exhibited at Stortorvet in Oslo for three weeks.
Materials: Glassfiber, wood, paint and acrylic lenses.
The project was directed by BOA in Public Space Program, and supported by Kulturrådet.


Fit in Bug out (2019) - Video and sculptures.
Materials: xps-foam board, construction foam, paint, epoxy. (From exhibition at Galleri BOA in Oslo 2019, photos by Adrian Bugge)

How to Make it (2018) - Video installation and drawings.(photos from Studio17 Stavanger)

So It Goes (2017) - Video installation.

GLAVA Survival Jacket (2018) Glava vintermatte, duct tape, size L



Oslo Loopholes 1-3 (2016-2018) Urban tips and tricks booklet. 11 x 8 cm, waterproof paper.

The Walk, (project from 2013, new edit from 2020)