Morten Jensen Vågen
Selected works / CV

ALIEN8 (2019) - Exhibited at Stortorvet in Oslo for three weeks.
Materials: Glassfiber, wood, paint and acrylic lenses.
The project was directed by BOA in Public Space Program, and supported by Kulturrådet.


Fit in Bug out (2019) - Video and sculptures.
Materials: xps-foam board, construction foam, paint, epoxy. (From exhibition at Galleri BOA in Oslo 2019, photos by Adrian Bugge)

How to Make it (2018) - Video installation and drawings.(photos from Studio17 Stavanger)

So It Goes (2017) - Video installation.

GLAVA Survival Jacket (2018) Glava vintermatte, duct tape, size L

Oslo Loopholes 1-3 (2016-2018) Urban tips and tricks booklet. 11 x 8 cm, waterproof paper.