Morten Jensen Vågen
works / cv

Pillars of Society, 2023

Aluminum sculptures, Candy paint, anodizing, hidden cameras
Exhibited at Billedhoggerforeningen, Oslo
Photo: Tor Simen Ulstein


Documentary video project, filmed in Paris summer 2022
Video shows how found objects are transformed into a multifunctional tool, without using tools
Video installation Exhibited at Bærum Kunsthall
Photo: Tor Simen Ulstein

Trophy Chair, 2022

Sculpture made on site using trash materials
Part of 'European capital of culture' exhibition in Novi Sad, Serbia

Stealth Tower, 2021

Four meters tall aluminum sculpture, paint
First exhibited as part of 'Skulpturtriennalen' by Billedhoggerforeningen
Later shown at 'Skulptursonen i Øvre Slottsgate', and Billedhoggerforeningens sculpture park
Photo: Tor Simen Ulstein

Conversation Pieces, 2021

Aluminum sculptures, anodizing, hidden cameras, screens
Exhibition at Kurant, Trømsø


Video with sculpture
Five canvases mounted together, epoxy, foam, wood, pigments
Exhibited at HilmART in Steinkjær, and QB in Oslo

Stealth Stack, 2020

Wood, peephole, metal straps
Part of exhibition 'Subsisting' at Hulias, Oslo
Photo: Jørn Aagaard

Private Space, 2020

metal box
Video: Karianne Ommundsen

Fit in Bug out (FIBO), 2019

Foam, epoxy, paint
Exhibited at BOA (Billedkunstnere Oslo Akershus, now called BO)
Later shown at Deichman Bjørvika, and Høstutstillingen
Photo: Adrian Bugge

How to Make it, 2018

Documentary video project
Using urban available materials to make a drawing of a Norwegian banknote
Exhibited at Studio 17 Stavanger, Oslo Sentralstasjon, Høstutstillingen
Video acquired by Oslo Kommunes Kunstsamling

ALIEN8, 2019

Temporary outdoor sculpture, glassfiber, polyester, paint
The shape is based on plant urnes used for terror prevention in Oslo
Part of BOA IPSP (In Public Space Program)

GLAVA Survival Jacket, 2018

Made from insulation mat used in outdoor construction
Exhibited together with 'Friatletene'

Step Aside, 2018

Traffic cone, wire
Shown at group exhibition at Stavanger Kunstmuseum

So it Goes, 2017

Dokumentary video installation, using found materials from urban environments
to create working tools, a jacekt, and a sunbed
Exhibited at Kunstakademiets Avgangsutstilling 2017
Start Point Prize, National Gallery Prague 2017
Installation acquired by Haugesund Kunstforening

The Walk, 2013

Video project with sculpture
Wood, paint,trolley
Exhibited at Kunstakademets Bachelorutstilling
and Skovsnogen Artspace DK